Terms and Conditions

All issues relating to the sale of tickets and the hosting of their associated event(s) are the responsibility of the Canberra International Music Festival (CIMF, also referred to as ‘the Festival’), presented by Canberra International Music Festival Ltd.

Ticket holders:
1. General
a) A valid ticket must be produced on entry. Please do not deface or tear the ticket prior to entering the event, as this may invalidate the ticket.
b) Title to this ticket remains with CIMF until payment in full has been received.
c) If you experience problems in the venue, please contact our Front of House staff so that the issue can be resolved prior to, or during the event. In the case of an emergency please follow all instructions from FOH and Festival staff, all exits are clearly marked.
d) The ticket holder may be ejected from the concert venue if they fail to comply with the reasonable instructions of our Front of House staff or other person acting for or on behalf of CIMF.
e) No animals are allowed at any event except accredited Assistance Animals. If you are bringing an Assistance Animal, please let us know in advance so that we can arrange a safe area for you both.
f) Note that persons with Assistance Animals may be liable for any injury, loss, or damage caused by their assistance animal while it is on the Festival site.
2. Discounts and Refunds Policy
a) All tickets purchased to the Canberra International Music Festival are purchased under the Canberra International Music Festival Ltd’s Refund Policy.  This Policy states that Tickets are Non-Refundable unless the event is cancelled or substantially re-scheduled or, in extreme circumstances, by approval of the Canberra International Music Festival Ltd Board.  It is recommended that if you are unable to attend a Festival event after purchasing tickets that you either give or on-sell your tickets to another person.
b) Choose Your Own Adventure pass ticket holders must claim their retrospective discount within 14 days of purchasing their ticket. Discount refunds will be processed within 30 days.
c) Concession Tickets are only available to holders of an Australian Pension Card, Health Care Card, Full Time Student Card, DVA Gold Card or if an agreement has been reached with venue partners for concession prices for their members. When purchasing a concession (or companion) ticket you may be asked to provide your concession card type, the card Number or your membership card. When you are entering a Festival venue you may be required to present your concession, companion or membership card to Front of House staff.


d) The Canberra International Music Festival supports the Companion Card program. For patrons who require assistance of a companion or carer, a second ticket is issued at no cost to the Companion Card holder. Bookings must be made directly through Festival office.
e) Concessions must be valid at the time of booking.  Full or partial refunds are not available if you become eligible for a concession after you have booked.
f) Under 30s (29 years and under) must provide documentation indicating proof of age, such as a driver’s license. Proof of age, such as a student card, must also be provided on request for an Under 18 ticket.
g)  Failure to provide valid proof of concession card status will result in an upgrade fee on that ticket.
3. Performance Alterations and Cancellations
a) CIMF reserves the right to make alterations to the published event schedule or program and reserves the right to add, withdraw or substitute artists, or vary advertised programs, seating arrangements and audience capacity. CIMF accepts no responsibility for the non-appearance of individual artists. Artists have been contracted to perform at the event. If for any reason they are unable to perform, CIMF will attempt to provide a suitable replacement. If this is beyond the control of CIMF, ticket refunds will not be given unless the event is cancelled.
b) In the case of a cancelled performance ticket holders may exchange into another performance, subject to availability. If a refund is required, you must contact the CIMF box office within 30 days of the cancelled performance.
4. Exchanges
Subject to availability, valid tickets may be exchanged for a different concert up to 48 hours prior to the scheduled start time of the original concert. An admin fee of $15 will apply to all ticket exchanges.
5. Gift Certificates / Vouchers
Not applicable at present.

6. Primary contact
The Primary Contact is the first person listed on the booking form. Please note that the Primary Contact is the point of contact for CIMF in case of seating reallocation or other contingencies.
7. Right of admission
The right of admission is reserved. CIMF has the right to refuse entry or evict patrons who behave in a manner that is inappropriate, offensive to others, or whom are acting illegally.
8. Alcohol
The Festival’s main venue is licensed for the duration of the Festival. BYO alcohol will not be permitted within the venue and consumption of alcohol is limited to the venue and marquee. Any person found involved in drinking outside of the designated areas, underage drinking or supplying alcohol to minors will be reported to the Police, and escorted from the Festival site. For other venues hired for the use of CIMF concerts patrons must abide by hire conditions and follow all directions from FOH and Festival staff.
9. Children
a) Anyone under the age of 18 is classified as a child for ticketing purposes and requires a ticket.
b) *For daytime concerts only, children under the age of 3 may sit on their guardian’s lap and be admitted free of charge without a ticket. Children on their guardian’s laps must remain in their carer’s arms for the duration of the concert. Children over the age of 3 are required to have their own seat and a paid ticket (Children’s Price)
c) All under 12s must be accompanied by a (fully paid) adult.
d) Children under 3 will not be admitted to evening concerts.
e) Prams and strollers will be accommodated out of the way at the back of the auditorium or elsewhere, as directed by Front of House staff. Parents who choose to bring babies or small children to a concert may be asked to leave the auditorium if there is a disturbance or interruption to other patrons in the venue. Patrons are therefore urged to think carefully about the appropriateness of each event for small children before purchasing tickets.
10.  Photography and Recording
a) Unless otherwise advised, the use of photographic or recording equipment, including mobile phones, is prohibited. Mobile telephones and electronic devices must be turned on silent before entry into the venue.
b) CIMF reserves the right to record, broadcast, telecast or webcast any event. These photographs and/or video and/or audio recordings are for CIMF to use for promotional purposes, documentation and reporting. They may appear in both print and electronic format, including the Internet via CIMF’s website or other social media websites.
c) Ticket holders consent to appear in any photography and/or recording of the event.
11. Entry to Festival venues is at your own risk. Canberra International Music Festival Ltd. will not take responsibility for personal belongings lost, damaged or stolen within the Festival venues or nearby car parks. Please ensure that valuables are removed from your vehicle before entering the festival.
12. Late Entry
Each performance will commence promptly at the advertised time. We reserve the right to admit latecomers only when or if there is a suitable break in the performance, and to relocate seating. This policy is to prevent disruption to other patrons and the performance.
13. Outdoor events
If you are attending an outdoor event, please come prepared in the event of inclement weather. CIMF has a Wet Weather Contingency for all outdoor concerts (moving the performance to a more sheltered area close to the advertised venue). Please note that the concert will go ahead regardless of weather conditions.