Our Funding

Funding sources

Individual Giving

Our goal is to change the way people think about live art music.  But we can’t do it alone.

The Canberra International Music Festival is highly dependent on the level of support we receive from individual donors. We obtain a relatively low level of government funding compared with most like organisations. Ticket sales contribute around 40% and individual giving contributes up to 20% of the funds required to produce each festival.  

Each gift, large and small, is appreciated and makes it possible for CIMF to create a distinctive and engaging festival experience. Your donation directly influences our capacity to bring musicians and music making of the highest quality to Canberra. 

A special thank you to all those wonderful people who contributed nearly $92,000 to support our 2017 FestivalA list of those  contributing more than $500 for the 2017  Festival can be found here.

Our 2017 Annual Report to Donors can be found here. (1.7MB PDF download)

Our Goal

Currently $67,250. Target $95,000

2018 Festival Appeal

We are seeking to raise $95,000 to support the presentation of our 2018 Festival

There are many ways you can give and become part of our community of donors.  You can donate as an individual, build a consortium with your friends to support your passion, or we can put you together with other music lovers to support a particular concert or artist.

Just follow the links below to find out how you can support our 2018 Festival.