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3-12 May 2019

Ten days of expertly curated music performed by internationally celebrated artists, with thought-provoking conversations and culinary surprises on the side – that’s the Canberra International Music Festival.

From Beowulf to Bach and Bernstein, the 2018 Festival unfurls a broad canvas around Canberra: 23 ticketed concerts, site specific events, musical walks and free sessions confirm Canberra’s renown as a top destination. See the city in all its seasonal beauty and experience masterpieces on period instruments, delve into the great epics of the past and discover the music of our time in new ways.

The video (right) is a sample of the artists that were featured in the 2018 Canberra International Music Festival, held from 27 April - 6 May. Benjamin Bagby, Keiko Shichijo, Tim Fain, Roger Woodward, Tobias Cole, Orava Quartet, Cecilia Bernardini, William Barton, Mary Finsterer, composer-in-residence, John Bell and Simon Tedeschi, I Bassifondi, Bach Akademie Australia, and many more.