Festival Young Artists

One of the Canberra International Music Festival’s key goals is “to nurture the development of our young and emerging artists”.

Each year, performance opportunities for young artists are integrated into our festival program. Whether it’s school age children or young professionals, they underpin the sense of adventure and artistic vibrancy of our festival. The future of art music in this country, in all its wondrous diversity and untold possibilities, resides with the younger generation.

For our audience it is the opportunity to experience emerging artists with something special to offer.

The Festival embraces our youth as creative drivers, and the innovation that comes from the interactions they offer within a festival environment. Our creative curatorial practice, with emphasis on new work, provides a rich context for young musicians.

We provide opportunities to exceptional young artists who are still exploring their career options. Rehearsing and performing throughout the Festival with established ensembles and artists from around the world gives them a positive and enjoyable learning experience. The Festival’s international dimension seeks to encompass the full expanse of art music in the 21st century. Together this creates a quite different experience to the normal institutional learning environment and gives these young musicians a taste for performance.

Penny Quartet

Penny Quartet

Sometimes the learning is structured and at other times informal, whether it’s providing industry insights on the journey between rehearsal venues or the casual advice shared in the Green Room. Our Young Artist program creates connections between emerging musicians and industry professionals, providing a space where knowledge can be shared.

The choice of our young artists reflects the breadth of music making experienced during the Festival, from solo performance to chamber music to small orchestra.

Our young artists might include a composer, a small ensemble, a pianist and vocalists. They are chosen by our Artistic Director with the exception of the Theme & Variations young pianist, who is selected through an in-house competition.

A brief history of our commitment to the development of our Young Artists program can be found here.

CIMF 2019 Young Artists

Penny Quartet - String Quartet from Melbourne with its roots at the Australian National Academy of Music. Their 2019 festival appearances will include performing with Quatuor Voce (France) and Brodsky Quartet (UK), and in the world premiere of Moya Henderson’s G’day Africa IV on May 11. www.pennyquartet.com

Luminescence Chamber Singers - Canberra-based vocal ensemble. This will mark their last appearance as young artists for CIMF. They will be featured in the 2019 CIMF Finale, a Bach collaboration with Bach Akademie Australia under the direction of Korneel Bernolet (Belgium). http://luminescence.org.au/

Leanne Jin - Young pianist courtesy of Theme & Variations Foundation. She will give a recital at the National Gallery of Australia on 2 May 2019, partake in the V. Gryaznov masterclass and one more engagement.

Jonathan Lee - Organist from Canberra.

Ella Macens - Composer, who will write a new work for the Berlin based saxophone quartet, Sonic Art Sax Quartet.