A fantastic wrap up to the 2016 Festival

We are moving into Canberra winter and whilst some of us seek warmer climes up north or overseas, we can reminisce over this year's Festival, by far the warmest in our 22 year history and arguably the most joyful. Who can forget the subtle shadings of colour the Zapico brothers, performing as Forma Antiqva, found in Spanish baroque music, worthy of the best Velazquez paintings. How could we forget the simple humanity of Marco Beasley's singing, a lifetime of delving into ancient Mediterranean culture? And for a town that is accustomed to top notch guitar playing, many people commented on how superlative the guitar music was in this Festival. Thank you José Maria Gallardo del Rey. I could go on for a long time. Wading through the stacks of photographs taken, the recordings made and the video footage, the memories are flooding back. All of us will have different moments to cherish and for different reasons. That is exactly what a Festival is about: a great diversity of experience, connection, engagement and enjoyment.

Our thanks go to all the artists who brought their very best and worked together on projects that were only possible in that moment. How else to explain an opera production in Fitters' workshop? Where else would you hear James Crabb, José Maria Gallardo del Rey and Joseph Tawadros improvising together?

We were truly blessed with such an array of talent, and with a team of stage managers, young artists, interns, volunteers, front of house people and many more who brought all this to you in great style.  Words fail to express how grateful I am to everyone for embracing this annual undertaking, becoming part of our family, and making the Canberra International Music Festival one of the best festivals on this planet.

Roland Peelman
Artistic Director

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