The National Carrilon will chime in during the Festival

The National Carillon

The National Carillonists perform concerts on Wednesdays and Sundays each week, from 12.30 to 1.20pm.  The concerts attract in excess of 100 people for each performance as well as provide enjoyment for recreational users of the Lake Burley Griffin and its surrounds.

During our 1-10 May festival, there will be additional concerts every day, including 8:30am and 5pm on weekdays and multiple sessions on the weekends. 

Situated on Aspen Island in Lake Burley Griffin, the National Carillon is a highly visible structure of architectural significance.  The building was gifted to Australia to commemorate Canberra’s 50th birthday by the British government and opened by HM Queen Elizabeth II on 26 April 1970.  Since that date the carillon has been a continual source of delight to visitors to the city and the local community.

The carillon is the largest musical instrument consisting of 55 bells that were cast by John Taylor & Company of Loughborough, England.  The largest weighs 6 tons and the smallest 700 grams.

The Carillon tower has three levels.  The first is the clavier room which houses the main instrument (attached to the bells) and a stand alone practice instrument.  The second level houses the bells and the third level has a function room with a kitchen attached. 

The National Carillonists

As custodians of the National Carillon the National Capital Authority (NCA) supports the team of eight talented musicians.  Two members of the team recruited in 2014 are young adults who will receive a year’s tuition in carillon and hopefully will then continue to study and perform providing a pool of talent from which to draw into the future.  The team is lead by Lyn Fuller, an exemplary teacher and musician.

The team includes:

  • Lyn Fuller, Lead Carillonist
  • Astrid Bowler, Senior Carillonist
  • Thomas Laue, Senior Carillonist
  • Leonard Weiss, Carillonist
  • Anna Wong, Student Carillonist
  • Tim McGarry, Student Carillonist
  • Kriti Mahajan, Junior Carillonist
  • Peter Bray, Junior Carillonist