"If this music is the stuff of revolutions, give me excess of it": CIMF2017 in the press

The 2017 Festival enjoyed some fantastic coverage, both from local media outlets and nationally. City News in particular took on an ambitious project this year in publishing an online review for each and every Canberra International Music Festival performance. Here are just some of the highlights!

"To paraphrase a famous saying: if this music is the stuff of revolutions, give me excess of it."
-Concert 1: Opening Night. Reviewed by Clinton White, City News, 29 April

"This was a lovely little concert, well structured to introduce the very young to music quite different to their everyday listening and it succeeded in spades. Well done to all involved and especially to the CIMF for assuming responsibility for this informative aspect of education."
-Concert 4: Blinky Bill. Reviewed by Ian McLean, City News, 30 April

"This charming concert of Chinese traditional music, presented by the China Orient Orchestra, together with guest artists, soprano Shu-Cheen Yu and instrumentalist Nicholas Ng proved to be as visually engaging as it was aurally intriguing."
-Concert 7: Red Dragon. Reviewed by Bill Stephens, City News, 3 May

"(Chen) Yi’s 'Chinese Fables' are works of modern art, belonging just as much in the concert halls of Europe as they do in a Chinese market. This was the first time an ensemble from Singapore has been included in the Canberra International Music Festival but, judging from the audience response, it won’t be the last."
-Concert 10: The Lion's Roar. Reviewed by Judith Crispin, City News, 4 May

"It may be, as the Canberra International Music Festival proclaims, a 'Brave New World' in the education sphere, but if it's going to stay that way, music must be at the very centre. That was the message loud and clear emerging from a stimulating day at Canberra Grammar, where music-making mingled with some of the leading minds of our pedagogical world."
-Concert 15: The Education Revolution. Reviewed by Helen Musa, City News, 6 May

"The highlight was a performance of excerpts from Rachmaninoff’s 'The Liturgy of St John Chrysostom', by Canberra choir Coro, teaming up with the Russian Orthodox Choir of Sydney, conducted by the amiable Richard Gill. Sung a capella, this ensemble sang with extraordinary expression, balance and control, evoking the very heart and spirit of Russian Orthodoxy. It was a very moving performance, the audience in awe of the sound and seemingly forgetting to breathe, such was their silence, broken only by a joyful standing ovation."
-Concert 16: Barricades of Time. Reviewed by Clinton White, City News, 6 May

"In 'Game On!' as part of the Canberra International Music Festival, tribute is paid not just to the flourishing scene for composers of gaming music, but to the tremendous talent among young musicians as the Canberra Youth Orchestra, led brilliantly by Leonard Weiss, presented a solid afternoon of symphonic virtuosity. And whether you appreciated the compositions or not, the sheer joy and enthusiasm for performing this works shone through."
-Concert 17: Game On! Reviewed by Helen Musa, City News, 7 May

"Kats-Chernin was joined at the piano by Tamara-Anna Cislowska. It was visually as well as aurally exciting to see them get arms out of the way of each other as they tackled the varied repertoire with a lovely mix of aggression and excitement then gentleness.
-Concert 18: Russian Roots and Rags. Reviewed by Ian McLean, City News, 7 May