Why leave a bequest?

A bequest is a wonderful way to celebrate your love of music and to ensure that others can enjoy our festival into the future.  Your gift, whether it is big or small, will make a difference.  It will help to ensure that Pro Musica has the resources to support our longer term goals including:

  • Creating exceptional music experiences for our festival audience;
  • Commissioning works from Australia’s living composers; and
  • Nurturing our performers and composers of the future.

Personal circumstances may mean that it is not possible to support Pro Musica with a regular donation. A gift to our Public Fund made through your Will means that your current circumstances are not affected.

Types of bequest

Leaving a gift in your will is referred to as a bequest. The gift may be:

  • a specific amount of money
  • a specific proportion of your estate
  • assets such as property, shares, or works of art
  •  the residual assets of an estate - what is left after other gifts and estate costs have been met.

If you don’t have a will, then the first thing you should do is seek legal advice about creating one. The Public Trustee in your State or Territory can provide advice on making a will and can help you find a solicitor.

The purpose of your bequest

A bequest to our Public Fund provides financial support for a range of activities or projects.  You may wish to nominate a project such as a commission or a prize.

We recommend that a non-specific bequest be made to the Fund. This provides Pro Musica with the flexibility to respond to priorities that may not have been identified at the time the bequest instructions were written.

Wording of bequests

As circumstances vary between individuals it is important that you consult with your professional advisors for advice on wording of the bequest.  However we also recommend that you discuss your preferences with us to ensure that we can best meet your wishes.

How will my gift be managed?  Your gift will be managed by the Pro Musica Board and will be used according to your wishes.  It will be deposited in our Public Fund.

If you wish for your bequest to be of ongoing benefit to Pro Musica, it will be invested so a percentage of the interest earned annually can provide support in accordance with your wishes.

All gifts will be directed to the cause for which the gift was intended.  They will not be used for administration costs.

If you would like further information about making a bequest and what you might wish to support please contact the Pro Musica office on 02 6230 5880 or send us an email (info@cimf.org.au) and a Board member will contact you.  Bequests should be made to "Pro Music Incorporated" ABN 46 381 984 616.