Proudly sponsored by Arn Sprogis and Margot Woods, Anne and Roger Smith, a group of young artists is selected each year to take part of the festival and work alongside established ensembles and artists from around the world.  The program offers a different experience to the normal learning environment of a Music Department or Conservatorium, and is equally distinct from the traditional Music Camp environment.

Some of the 2016 Young Artists

Some of the 2016 Young Artists

This year’s instrumentalists are a diverse group of very talented musicians, some at the very beginning of their professional studies and some already at the verge of a great career. They are working with the Simon Bolivar String Quartet and Ensemble Offspring.

Nils Hobiger, cello (NSW)
Niki Johnson, percussion (ACT)
Martin Alexander, viola (NSW)
Miles Mullin-Chivers, cello (NSW)
Joshua Oates, oboe (NSW)
Ruben Palma, cello (ACT)
Katarina Popovic, violin (NSW)
Donica Tran, violin (ACT) –  ‘work experience’ year 12 student
Kate Worley, violin (SA)


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